In 1994 Scott Ouellette took to the airwaves of WHSN 89.3FM as a random air jock, In March of 1995, he was the weekend night guy at WHMX 105.7. In August of 1995 he turned on the microphone of WUPI 92.1FM and said his name was DJ Skott. DJ Skott started off just playing euro dance, house and early trance. In 1996 DJ Skott took the airwaves on WHSN 89.3FM. He  was WHSN’s music director from 1997-1998. In 1997 DJ Skott started Bangor’s only dance show Beats Per Minute. BPM played mainly euro dance, trance, house, and hard house. BPM was rebroadcasted live  in Real Audio in 1998. This is when DJ Skott started to learn how to beat mix and essentially start his DJ career. DJ Skott only spun CD’s on his radio show, turntables were not allowed in the studios. WHSN was a all digital format station. Mini-Discs, computers, and CD’s were what made the station function.

In September 1999 DJ Skott moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Where he recorded his 9.9.99 mix. People loved it, He then told people that it was mixed using  CD’s, some people were amazed at his talent with the CD decks and others shunned him because of his use of the Digital Media. DJ Skott did get to prove himself at three raves before the year 2000. In 2000 DJ Skott took his mixing to another level. DJ Skott started to mix records in to the mix. He also took his style of trance to another level. DJ Skott coined the term Power Trance to describe his style trance. Power Trance is described as taking the normal 140-144 BPM progressive, epic, cinematic, and melodic trance, and playing it at 147-151 BPM. Giving it a harder sound and is full of energy, hence it has more power!

In 2003 DJ Skott recreated his style going back to his melodic roots. He has turned his power trance style down a notch, playing mainly melodic and epic trance at 145 bpm. 2005 was a rebuilding year for DJ Skott. DJ Skott again reformed his style to a very sexual and sensual flow, Keeping it around 142 bpm with light vocals, and very melodic. 2006 was a off year and DJ Skott decided to focus on his radio side again.The BPM Radio Network was his project.  Here we are now in 2017. DJ Skott has since packed things up, BPM Radio has been silent since 2012.  With a family and full time job taking up most of his free time DJ Skott is on a undetermined hiatus. You will find this website dedicated to 20+ years of Mixes and Radio Shows.

DJ Skott moved the crowd with ease, he was often seen singing along with the vocals and working the crowd.  This Maine native had been one of Arizona’s best kept trance secrets.

DJ Skott has been featured on WHSN 89.FM,  the BPM Radio Network, and Digitally Imported Radio.

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